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Why Schirkoa VFX is so different?

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A drop-out from BITS Pilani, Ishan Shukla first conceived this film as a graphic novel in 2012 and then started working on his own animated adaptation on and off for four years while working at a day job. After spending strenuous hours on this, the CG Artist and Filmmaker created “Schirkoa” a 14 minute animated short film that stood among 70 strong contenders in the race for the top honor. Schirkoa premiered in Los Angeles on 8th September at the Academy Award qualifying – LA Shorts Film Festival where it won the “Best Animated Short” award. His film is based on a city of bag-heads, where a senate member faces a tough choice between political career, brothels and love for a mysterious woman.

Though it is an animated film, some amount of VFX was used in this film (Schirkoa)

However the entire concept of the film has been adapted in the form of a graphic novel that makes it so much intriguing than the other films. While doing your VFX training you will learn that how important it is to inculcate visual effects in the animated sequences. If you are interested in the field of VFX then there are many VFX training institutes in the city that will help you get a grasp over the craft.

Take a VFX course in Kolkata and learn the aesthetics of visual effects with professionalism and detailing. The VFX of Schirkoa is as different as it has used visual effects in the collaboration with animation that is not so often seen. You can always see 3D animated movies using visual effects but when it comes to 2D animated film and that too a short one it is quite evident that the inculcation of VFX was extraordinary.

The film was done with so many minute detailing that it became quite evident with the visual effects used. You can also create masterpieces like that with VFX training. In addition to this, it is to be understood that this film had a very stringent storyline that created the mass appreciate the artistic work put by the director of the film. Other than this we get the fact that the entire VFX work of the film was in correlation to the animation.

Firstly rough drafts of the scenes and characters were created giving the film an edge to its work. Then, the VFX work that was incorporated was of utmost perfection. No critic could raise a negative comment on the visual effects of this film. So, by now if you have developed an interest in the visual effects work of this film then go ahead and sign up for a VFX course in Kolkata that will assist you with learning of this craft.