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Welcome to Moople Chowringhee

Discover the world of Moople, a distinguished organization that stands at the forefront of premier training institutes spanning across India, all operating under the esteemed brand name, Hi-Tech Animation. Our unwavering dedication revolves around nurturing proficient experts in the captivating domains of Animation, Visual Effects (VFX), Graphics, Motion Graphics, and Web Design. Moople serves as a launching pad for imaginative minds and aspiring artists, fostering their innate talents and exposing them to the dynamic industry.

Within the realm of Moople, our programs converge on a singular objective - to unleash your creative brilliance and pave the way for a thrilling and prosperous career in your chosen profession. Embrace the opportunity to delve into the realm of animation and explore a diverse array of multimedia courses, all delivered at industry-grade standards.

For those pondering over the perfect program that aligns with their aspirations, we extend a warm invitation to join our complimentary career counseling session. Let this enlightening session guide you towards the program best suited to your unique talents, propelling you towards an exciting and triumphant future!

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Our Courses

At Moople, an array of courses awaits, meticulously tailored to meet the dynamic demands of the ever-changing Media and Entertainment industry. We take pride in our course designs, ensuring that every student is equipped with ample opportunities to refine their skills and gain invaluable industry exposure through well-structured internship programs. Our ultimate objective is successful placement, and to achieve this, each course is carefully crafted by department heads from prominent production houses, deeply attuned to the real-world requirements.

With a forward-looking approach, our courses not only prepare students for thriving in the media and entertainment sector but also open doors of employability across diverse industries such as hospitality, real estate, healthcare, gaming, and many more. Embrace the boundless possibilities and chart your path towards a rewarding career with Moople's comprehensive and industry-relevant programs.

3D Design & Animation

Animation is a dynamic medium in which images or objects are manipulated in a digital environment using 3D softwares to make them appear as moving images.

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Graphics Design
Graphics & Media Design

Graphic Design is the process of visual communication and Media Design encompasses skill in the creation of motion graphics for media & television.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
Web Designing Pro

Web design is the process of creation and maintenance of websites that are displayed on the internet. Web design incorporates both the aesthetics and the functional performance of websites.

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Visual Effects for Film

Visual effects involve integrating live action and digital effects to create environments which look realistic but would be impossible to create in real time.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
B.Sc. in Multimedia, Animation and Graphic Design

3 years BSC degree course awarded by MAKAUT University. The course covers the nuances of graphic designing and end to end life cycle of Animation.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
B.Sc in VFX Filmmaking

Special effects are illusions used in the media, entertainment, gaming and simulator industries to represent the imaginative concepts such as a monster or something real like a tornado.

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digital marketing
Digital Markerting

Digital marketing encompasses a range of online strategies and tools aimed at promoting products, services, and brands in the digital space.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
Short term specialization courses

from Substance Painter to creature animation, modelling and texturing to lighting & rendering, we offer a host of short term courses to help you specialize in your area of interest.

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Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive - Walt Disney

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