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Welcome to Moople Shyambazar

At the Moople Institute of Animation and Design, we believe in the limitless nature of imagination. Immerse yourself in a realm where animation becomes your primary mode of self-expression, bringing imagination to life. Our commitment at the animation institute in Shyambazar is to nurture aspiring animators and designers, empowering them with the skills and knowledge essential for success in the dynamic animation industry. As part of our network, we have a Kolkata-based sibling production division known as Hi-Tech Animation, recognized as one of the leading production companies in East India. Positioned as one of the premier animation training courses in Shyambazar, our institute offers a variety of courses. Explore specialized multimedia training encompassing 3D animation, visual effects, graphics, and web design to embark on a journey of creative discovery.

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Our Courses

The Moople Institute in Shyambazar provides an extensive array of programs tailored to cater to the demands of the constantly evolving Media and Entertainment industry. Our offerings feature structured internship programs that prioritize skill enhancement and provide students with practical industry exposure. These meticulously crafted programs, formulated by experienced heads of production departments, aim to secure successful placements for our students. In Shyambazar, our VFX courses underscore practical applications, equipping students with the essential skills for success in diverse sectors such as media and entertainment, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, gaming, and beyond.

3D Design & Animation

Animation involves the dynamic manipulation of images or objects through digital alteration using 3D software, creating the illusion of movement.

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Graphics Design
Graphics & Media Design

The Graphics Design Course in Shyambazar focuses on the creation of motion graphics for media and television, while graphic design is the art of visual communication.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
Web Designing Pro

Web design encompasses the construction and upkeep of internet-visible websites, incorporating both aesthetics and usability.

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Visual Effects for Film

Visual effects (VFX) blend live action with digital effects to craft realistic yet impractical-to-build environments. The VFX training institute in Shyambazar is dedicated to molding individuals into professional VFX artists.

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B.Sc in animation & film making
Short term specialization courses

Offering a diverse range of short-term courses, we enable you to refine your skills in various areas, from creature animation using Substance Painter to modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering, aligning with your specific interests.

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Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive - Walt Disney

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