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Animators of Guru aur Bhole

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Animated series of SONY YAY (Guru aur Bhole)

What is this new show which has got everyone bonkers over their great animation and outstanding storyline? Guru aur Bhole is a new animated series by Moople institute of animation and design which streams on SONY YAY. This TV series has got people binge watching with so much curiosity and bundles of laughter. Netflix couldn’t stop itself from adding this show on their show list.

It is a mixture of animated comedy along with musical elements. The most appealing thing about this show is the unique storyline which not only appeals the students but amuses the adults at the same time.

Guru’s singing talents and Bhole’s unique dancing helps them get out of sticky situations. Guru’s magic and Bhole’s powers help them strengthen their friendship.

The success of this show speaks itself about the animation industry. Now you must be wondering who the magic creators behind this show are.

Moople institute of animation and design’s production studio is the brain child behind this show. Other than being the best institute for animation, Moople institute of animation and design has also pioneered some of the best animated content on Indian television. The famous Zee News clip “Excuse Me” was also created by Moople institute of animation and design.

An institute which began from grassroots and emerged with the motto of transforming India as the hub of animation now has put steps in conventional television. Guru aur Bhole is among some of the most prestigious work done by Moople institute of animation and design in the recent past.

If your hunt is for best 3D animation courses in Kolkata then approach Moople institute of animation and design for a prosperous career. Here you will not only learn from the best faculty but also get studio exposure. And who knows one day you could be creating something like Guru Aur Bhole yourself.

To stream Guru Aur Bhole check it out on SONY YAY or get started with binge Watching on Netflix.