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Do you know? “Justice League” is the second most expensive film ever made

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Justice League might not have made the bucks in the box office but it is rumored to be the second most expensive film ever made in Hollywood. Wall street journal revealed in one of its articles that the total production cost of this movie was nearly 300 million US dollars. The test screening and promotion budget easily cross 100 US million dollars.

The film did extensively bad business. It was very disappointing for the producers as they expected the comic fans to set new blazing records. The visual effects and post-production of this film are what took the entire budget for. With such a vast star cast and out of the world action sequences which encompass for the rest of the budget.

Zack Snyder‘s vision of bringing all the DC heroes in one frame proved to be a massive step or rather leap of faith. This in no way makes it any less of a good film. It did have a great plot, superb action, and fantastic CGI.

The director had to step down during the post-production process because his daughter passed away. That is Joss Whedon stepped in to fill his shoes. Also, a lot of the scenes were re-shot. More than 2 months were devoted to reshooting of certain scenes in London and Los Angeles. It also cost around 25 million dollars which is unusual as the budget should not have been more than 10 million dollars.

It clashed with Cavill’s schedule because he was shooting for mission impossible at the very same time. His mustache had to be removed with special CGI effects. These were certain factors which accounted for the over expenditure of this film.

Shallow marketing was out of the question and while marketing it the producers went a little too overboard. It would be wrong to say that all the money and resources went futile but the film did spend above their limits and suffered loss.

Looking on the brighter side its visual effects were very much appreciated by everyone. The only thing is they didn’t do proper accounting and budgeting which put them in the negative margin.

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